Houdini will provide wide range of services for bridging people across the borders.


We design, arrange, and operate unique customized tours in which travelers can fully experience local life and culture in Japan, Italy, and more.

Tour Plans in Japan – Examples

  • Visit local farms, traditional craftsmen, and Zen temple in mountain villages in Mt. Fuji region
  • Visit traditional craftsmen in downtown Tokyo, and experience Japan’s craftsmanship tradition
  • Visit successors of traditional culture in Kyoto, and feel the history of Japanese culture

Tour Plans in Italy – Examples

  • Visit mountain villages in the Apennines near Bologna, and experience life and culture in mountain range
  • Visit collage town in Venice, and learn and feel the history of the maritime nation
  • and more…

Helpdesk for International Students

Our local residents’ network will help international students in Japan and Italy to resolve problems in daily life and communication, via SNS, e-mail, phone, and also on site.

International Cultural Exchange

We plan and hold various cultural exchange events for local communities and travelers / international students in Japan and Italy.

Cultural Exchange Events in Japan – Examples

  • Tofu making event at a soybean wholesaler in downtown Tokyo
  • Rice planting / harvesting event in a mountain village near Mt. Fuji
  • Cross-cultural cooking party in an old farmhouse in a mountain village near Mt. Fuji

Multi-language Services

Our network of language specialists will provide multilingual services ranging from Japanese to Italian, English, German, Chinese and more.

Interpretation and Translation

  • Tour guide
  • inspection attendant
  • business meeting attendant
  • conference interpreter
  • document translation, etc

Language Lessons

  • Language lessons for individual learners
  • language study programs for business entities
  • dispatch teachers etc.

International Business Support

Utilizing Multilanguage raging from Japanese to Italian, English, German, and Chinse, we provide support services in international business such as communication with overseas companies/customers, overseas market researches, and so on.