You would not be aware, but you might possibly confine yourself to a shell of daily life.
Break the shell and roll out on your trip.
Out there, every corner in the world, there are people waiting for you as a family member, as a friend, and as a part of their community.
You will find new yourself in your new home towns.
Now, unfold your map.
Houdini will help you plan your magical escape tour.

With the name of the King of Escape “Houdini”
Escape from daily life

Our company’s name comes from Harry Houdini, a great magician who had actively performed in Europe and North America in early 20th century.
He was extraordinary good at escape magics, and successfully escaped from inescapable situations of all sorts all the time.
People around the world admired him with the honorable title of “King of Escape”.
This time, YOU are on the center stage of your magical escape.

Local communities around the world are waiting for you
Go local

Confined to tour bus, to a guide book, or possibly to SNS…
While on tour, you might bring along your usual shell of daily life which is supposed to have been left behind at home.
Take off your usual shell of daily life, go inside of the local community, and live every single minute of the real local life.

“Go local.”

Houdini, with close cooperation with local communities around the world, will realize a customized tour in which you are warm-heartedly welcome as a family member, as a friend, and as a part of the community.
In this moment you might be packed up in a rush hour subway train in Manhattan, in the next moment you might be having dinner with local farmers sitting around
traditional “Irori” fire place in a mountain village near Mt. Fuji…
This is the magical escape modern Houdini presents.